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Patient Care Taker Services at Home In Pune

What is Patient Care Service? As per the requirement of the patient, they are available for 24 hours at home.

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Patient Care Taker Services at Home In Pune

What is Sahara+ - Nurses Bureau Patient Care Service at home?

Patient Care Service at home in pune

The Patient Care Services at home in Pune staff is responsible for the provision of nursing caretaker to patients and for the coordination and communication between the multiple health care disciplines involved in providing patient care. As per the requirement of the patient, they are available for 24 hours at home.

When do you need our Sahara+ - Nurses Bureau Patient Care Services at home?

Patient caretakers are required when your loved ones are not capable of doing their own work. Our expert team will manage all the requirements of patients. They take care of such patients with proper comforts and treat them gently. Each and every step they handle with patience and soft manner.

How can Sahara+ - Nurses Bureau help you?

The Patient Care Taker Services at home staff provided by Nurses Bureau is expertise in their respective fields. They also take care of the hygiene to prevent the patients from any kind of infection or disease. Our team can help with personal grooming, feeding, give them a bath, make them take medicine on time and also make them sleep. Each and every step they handle with very carefully. As per your requirement, you can hire the services of a trained caretaker for 12 hours or 24 hours.

What Services we Provide for Patient Care Services at home in Pune?

  • General Physician
  • Nurse Service
  • Continence Adviser
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Personal Care
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Private Nurses
  • Coordination of Hospice Care
  • Health Monitoring

Patient Care Taker Services at Home In Pune FAQ's

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We understand that every one of our clients is unique and will have different preferences regarding the level of support that they will need. As a result, wherever possible, our Carers will encourage you to make your own choices about your daily needs and support requirements. Caretaker services includes: Medication Assistance, Personal care, and hygiene, Post-surgical Care, Oxygen Administration, Daily B.P & Sugar Monitoring.

A lack of mobility or ill health can be an obstacle for elderly people when it comes to their personal health and hygiene. Our caretaker provides services such as assistance in performing Activities of Daily Living, assistance with medication, mind-stimulating activities, elder-sitting and other personal care tasks that best meet the clients’ needs.

Our care workers are experienced in supporting both the mental and emotional well-being of elderly people and their families. A core focus of home care is to build a meaningful relationship that can encourage socialising, happiness and independence.

If you or your senior family member is uncomfortable for any reason, please let us know – you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. The most important thing is that you are happy and feel comfortable with your caretaker. If you would like us to find a new caregiver, contact us directly we will assist you.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office and speak with a member of our team. We will help you within 24hrs.

We can’t guarantee your caregiver will always be available, but we’ll make every effort to have the same caregiver for every visit. We may occasionally introduce a new caregiver so that you’ll always have an available “substitute” who is familiar with your loved one’s needs and with whom you feel comfortable.

Our Customer Reviews

Mrs. Veena Sharma

Individual attention, specialist service and hassle free payment processing made us feel really safe and secure.

Mr. Rahul Mane

We are happy with the service provided by Nurses Bureau. They are very good at handling the baby and managing baby bath and massage. Good service, keep it up.

Mr. Raj Jadhav

We are satisfied with the excellent services given by Nurses Bureau in terms of punctuality and treatment. There was good improvement in the patient's condition.

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